Tips for Writing Online Timed Exams

Tips for Writing Online Timed Exams

Preparing for the exam

  1. Go through the test guidelines.

    Examination guidelines provide clarity on the scope of the content to be assessed. In addition, the guidelines give the student information regarding the date of examination, time and the length of the examination period, and rules of the test.

  2. Understand the test format

    It is essential to understand the format of the questions that will be in the examination. You check whether the instructor will use fill-ins, MCQs, short answers, or essays. This helps to prepare effectively for the test.

  3. Test yourself

    In most cases, instructors provide students with practice exams on their portals. For better preparation, it is critical to make use of these practice exams and test your level of understanding. Other practice tests may be available in textbooks used for the course.

  4. Evaluate your computer

    Last-minute technical hitches can be frustrating; therefore, it is wise to evaluate and assess your computer for any problems that may cause delays during the test period. Check all the hardware and software for any malfunctions. Ensure that the internet connection is solid and efficient.

  5. Study course materials

    Apart from the practice test provided, it is important to go through the course materials because they provide all the information crafted into the exam. Review all the topics that the instructor mentioned will be in the test.

  6. Time yourself

    Using the practice exam, time yourself using the time given for the test in the guidelines. This helps you know how fast you can do the test in that timeframe. It also helps in improving speed. In addition, it will help you determine how long you will take on each question.

  7. Prepare all the materials you will need

    If the test allows you to have notes and books, make sure they are ready and set for the trial.

Tips to follow during the test

Tips to follow during the test

  1. Check time.

    Keep your eye on the clock during the test period. Make sure you keep track of the allotted time for the test. If necessary, set the alarm to remind you of the remaining time.

  2. Keep a copy of the test.

    If the instructions allow you to download or print your questions, do so to keep track of your answers in case of any technical issues, which could lead to the loss of your responses during submission.

  3. Do not close the test page.

    Please do not close the tab with your test because it may lose all the information submitted. Make sure to stay on the page.

  4. Contact the instructor in case of technical problems.

    When technical problems occur, contact your instructor immediately and inform them of the problem. Provide error messages received so that they know how to help.

  5. Check work and submit.

    Check your work to ensure that all questions have been answered to avoid losing marks. Review the answers and check for any errors in grammar and accuracy. Finally, after confirmation, submit the work.

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