How to Write a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement refers to a sentence that defines and expresses the main idea of a paper. The thesis statement appears at the end of the conclusion part of the introduction. It is specific and offers a summary of the main idea or a claim. It contains the topic and the main idea.

A thesis statement has three main parts, which include:
  1. Limited subject-The subject meets the requirement of the paper
  2. Precise opinion -The opinion answers a question about the topic of discussion
  3. Blueprint of the reasons-The blueprint is a plan of how the ideas of the paper will be shaped throughout the paper

Qualities of a good thesis statement

  • It is declarative- the statement should assert the position the paper is taking and what to expect.
  • Conveys the topic-it thoroughly communicates the topic.
  • It is arguable- a good thesis statement does not present an already accepted position but is somewhat arguable in a way that a person can reasonably contest.
  • Conveys something interesting.
Checklist for a thesis statement:
  1. Concise
  2. Focused
  3. Specific
  4. Answers the question
  5. Arguable
  6. Clearly written

Step by step, guide on how to write a thesis statement

  1. Understand the research subject.

    The first step of writing a thesis statement involves understanding the research subject and developing a question. This helps in identifying the relevant information to be conveyed to the readers.

  2. Formulate the main idea of the research.

    The main idea refers to the answer to the research question. It is also referred to as the thesis. Answering the research question involves research, which is necessary to develop conclusions that answer the research question. After researching and finding answers, a central idea should be formulated, which becomes the main point or thesis of a paper.

  3. Develop supporting details.

    At this step, points and details, which support the main idea, should be identified. After deciding and coming up with the main idea, you should find data to prove your point of view. In addition, data that disapproves of the main idea should also be identified. The research on supporting details should act as a guide to your conclusion.

  4. Combine the main idea and supporting details into one idea.

    The main idea should be clearly stated with the supporting information in one or two sentences. The length of the thesis statement will depend on the complexity of your research paper. In most cases, the first sentence comprises the main idea, while the second sentence reviews the supporting details.

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